‘Adore Is Blind’ Season 3 Finale: Who Got Married, Who Is Nonetheless Collectively and Who Has Moved on

This submit incorporates spoilers from the season 3 finale and reunion of Adore Is Blind.

Season 3 of Adore Is Blind has formally merely about an discontinuance!

The widespread Netflix truth sequence returned in October with 30 singles trying for delight in and courting with out ever seeing their partners. Five couples within the kill emerged from the pods engaged: Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux, Raven Ross and SK Alagbada, Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett, Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton, and Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden.

All around the third season, followers were taken on a rollercoaster breeze as each of the couples confronted americaand downs and contemplated if delight in used to be in actuality blind.

For some, the respond used to be a resounding yes — for others, no longer so great. Scroll down to learn the fate of the closing 5 couples.

Alexa and Brennon

Alexa, 27, and Brennon, 32, looked to be a match made in heaven from day one, and things were no completely different for the duo on their marriage ceremony day in June 2021.

The couple each mentioned “yes” to marriage and possess remained married ever since. “I’ve never been loved within the vogue that he loves me,” Alexa mentioned for the period of the season 3 reunion.

She also told PEOPLE exclusively of their romance, “I feel our backgrounds are very completely different, but on the discontinuance the day, we have this kind of pleasure in for family and I feel that that delight in is the good ingredient… I will also possess your whole money within the field, but what does it point out if I have not got it with my Brennon? He’s all the pieces to me.”

“No topic the place we came from, we realized so great from our separate backgrounds, but they’re also very identical,” she persevered. “We each near from very, very great households, very loud. He’s one of 5, I’m one of six. Or no longer it’s stunning and also you would possibly also need to ranking it. Some other folks converse they want a wonderful family, but it absolutely’s quite a bit. And so for us each working out that and our delight in for family is de facto what genuinely drew us to each completely different.”

Also for the period of the reunion, Alexa confirmed that she’s “no longer pregnant” but added a firm “but” — suggesting that extending their family used to be one thing they hoped to enact soon.

Alexa and Brennon.
Raven and SK

Raven, 29, and SK, 34, had a bumpy avenue to the altar as they struggled with bodily intimacy and blending their completely different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives on family. More hiccups arose when they met each completely different’s family. Raven’s pals were in particular skeptical about the couple’s intention for a prolonged-distance relationship since SK planned to switch to California for two years to provide his Master’s level and Raven looked hesitant to head away Dallas.

Even so, Raven within the kill mentioned “yes” to SK on their marriage ceremony day. But it absolutely used to be SK who apprehensive viewers when he told Raven he also can no longer marry her even supposing he loved her.

“Now we possess a genuinely uncommon and complex space of circumstances. I feel worship this present day is no longer the good time for us to enact this,” he mentioned, which left Raven in tears.

Though it used to be an emotional day for each, SK and Raven were ready to ranking previous it, and published for the period of the reunion that they’ve since rekindled their delight in and are now courting.

“Now we possess grown so great from this experiment, from what we have went through,” Raven mentioned. “From being apart, it makes it so great better after we’re collectively… or no longer it’s genuinely stunning so as to enact that.”

Raven and SK.
Zanab and Cole

Zanab, 32, and Cole, 27, also had a bumpy avenue to the altar, with most of their disagreements stemming from variations in personalities and communication. Zanab also struggled with the very fact that Cole’s family used to be no longer fervent about being a factor of his Adore Is Blind creep — or assembly Zanab.

When it came time for their “I enact’s”, Zanab used to be the one to negate “no” on the altar and then shared some scathing words with Cole about how he made her feel over the old couple of weeks.

“You could need disrespected me, you would possibly also possess insulted me, you would possibly also possess critiqued me, and for what or no longer it’s rate, you would possibly also possess single-handedly shattered my self-self belief,” she told Cole in entrance of their marriage ceremony company. “And the tousled ingredient is I know delight in you… but delight in need to no longer feel this form. I will’t marry you.”

Cole used to be apprehensive by her rejection and left in tears — and things easiest looked to ranking worse for him on the reunion.

After no longer talking for months, Zanab and Cole confronted each completely different on the reunion, and Cole used to be all over all over again delivered to tears. He apologized for hurting Zanab while she accused him of controlling her drinking habits and kissing one more lady for the period of his bachelor occasion (allegations that Cole denied.) Despite all the pieces, Zanab mentioned she did no longer “detest” Cole and had “utterly forgiven” him.

Lately, Zanab told PEOPLE she and Cole “enact no longer focus on.” He also mentioned he wholeheartedly regrets his behaviors on the show conceal.

Cole and Zanab.
Nancy and Bartise

Nancy, 32, and Bartise, 27, confronted many americaand downs in their relationship, in particular due to Bartise’s brutal honesty and his lack of bodily enchantment for Nancy, as nicely as their disagreements on great components worship abortion.

The duo were within the kill ready to ranking previous the disagreements and enhance their romance, but it absolutely wouldn’t be sufficient on their marriage ceremony day. In a dramatic 2nd, Nancy mentioned “yes” to Bartise, but he failed to feel the linked and mentioned “no” on the altar.

The couple attempted to chat it out afterwards, but were interrupted by Nancy’s livid mother and brother, who known as Bartise “boring” for his decision. Nancy also shut down Bartise’s attempts to proceed their relationship, arguing that they’d be “backtracking” after she already mentioned “yes” and he mentioned “no.”

At the reunion, Nancy and Bartise rehashed their drama and published unusual bombshells — along with a claim that Bartise moved on with a “immense blonde” days after their marriage ceremony — and made it determined that a rekindling between them used to be unlikely.

“I would hope that Bartise and I will also very nicely be pals at some level and later on in existence, per chance in his 30s, we are able to be pals,” Nancy told PEOPLE exclusively. “But yeah, I don’t glimpse the good thing about us being pals at this level.”

Added Bartise: “Our depiction on Adore Is Blind used to be very great a rollercoaster. It used to be up and down, and that is the reason persevered to be what it has been, but [it’s] no longer romantic. So we have long previous from pals to acquaintances to no communication to disliking each completely different, lend a hand to pals, and apt now, I would converse we’re acquaintances.”

Nancy and Bartise.
Colleen and Matt

Though things looked unlikely for this pair from the ranking-rush — origin with Colleen’s connections with completely different males — the duo beat the potentialities and stumbled on their components to one one more.

After overcoming several arguments in Malibu and Dallas, Colleen, 26, and Matt, 28, were confronted with answering a genuinely crucial ask: can delight in be sufficient for marriage?

Despite some final-minute uncertainty, it became out it used to be — and each Colleen and Matt mentioned “yes” on the altar. They’ve remained married, despite the proven fact that they published on the reunion that they don’t are now residing collectively but intention to enact so within the prolonged bustle.

Matt also published to PEOPLE that that they needed to originate some adjustments after tying the knot — but it absolutely’s been gentle crusing ever since.

“Getting out of the show conceal and your whole ambiance, you learn quite a bit about each completely different. So it form of started off rough apt after we got out of it,” he shared. “That being mentioned, or no longer it’s apt studying methods to encompass each completely different into your day-to-day lives. You could need got to lift your schedule and incorporate her scheduling. You could need got to mix them collectively, and need to you would possibly also possess particular stuff you delight in to enact on the weekends, in most cases you can’t enact them anymore.”

“So apt studying methods to form of mesh worship that used to be worrying on the very origin,” he added. “But apt now, we’re as apt as or no longer it’s ever been.”

Colleen and Matt.

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Season 3 of Adore Is Blind is now streaming in burly on Netflix.

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