Alex Murdaugh’s Brother Sheds Tears While Recounting Cleansing up Nephew’s Stays After Murders

Alex Murdaugh’s younger brother John Marvin Murdaugh tearfully told jurors how he took it upon himself to stunning up the stays of his nephew’s body on the crime scene, saying it was “the hardest thing” he had ever done.

‘I seen blood, I seen brains, I seen pieces of skull, I seen tissue,” he testified Monday in Colleton County Court docket. “And after I mutter brains it’ll also steady be tissue. I do not know what I seen, it was steady awful.”

John Marvin took the stand in his brother’s double-spoil trial as the defense group’s closing scrutinize earlier than it rested its case.

Alex Murdaugh, 54, is charged with two counts of spoil and two weapons costs within the deaths of his accomplice Maggie Murdaugh, 52, and son Paul Murdaugh, 22, who had been gunned down on the property of their hunting hotel on June 7, 2021.

Acceptable hours after the brutal murders, John Marvin acknowledged investigators launched the crime scene after collecting evidence from where Maggie and Paul had been shot, including the limited feed room on the terminate of the dogs kennel constructing where Paul Murdaugh was killed.

Maggie, Paul and Alex Murdaugh.

Maggie Murdaugh’s body was music within the grass about 30 toes from where Paul Murdaugh’s body was stumbled on.

John Marvin testified that on the morning after the murders, he was on the principal dwelling with other of us however went to the dogs kennels to survey “what had gone on and steady form of bewitch it in.”

He acknowledged he obtained permission from a decent friend in law enforcement to visit the scene.

He seen the location where Maggie Murdaugh’s body was stumbled on, which was covered with grime “so there was in fact nothing to realize,” he acknowledged.

Murdaugh property.
Andrew J. Whitaker/The Publish And Courier by strategy of AP

He acknowledged he was panicked when he obtained to the feed room, which “was now not cleaned up” and covered with blood and skull and brain fragments.

He acknowledged he cleaned up the stays to honor his nephew’s reminiscence.

“It felt like it was the sincere thing to realize,” he acknowledged, breaking down in tears. “I felt adore I owed him, and I steady started cleansing, and I promise you, no mom, father, aunt, or uncle have to light ever wish to survey and assign what I did that day. It be the hardest thing I’ve ever been by means of in my lifestyles.”

While he took on the unthinkable project, he also vowed to search out his nephew’s killer.

“I told Paul I loved him, and I promised him I’d receive out who did this,” he testified.

The Murdaugh Family.

When defense attorney Jim Griffin requested him if he had stumbled on the killer, he answered, “I in fact bask in now not.”

Requested about his brother’s relationships with Maggie Murdaugh and their two sons, Paul and Buster Murdaugh, he acknowledged, “All marriages, I’m certain, bask in hiccups right here and there, however I’m telling you it was a factual marriage.

“Anything else that the boys had been doing, Alex wished to realize.”

Maggie Murdaugh’s Missing Phone

John Marvin also testified that he helped discover down Maggie Murdaugh’s phone after he learned it had gone missing after she had been shot and killed.

He acknowledged, “it was brought to my attention that Maggie’s phone was now not there and that law enforcement had now not stumbled on it.”

He acknowledged when he modified into on the “Receive My iPhone” app on Buster Murdaugh’s phone, “it pings Maggie’s phone steady out entrance of the property.”

He acknowledged he went to the shed on the property and told law enforcement that he had positioned the phone and that they are going to also merely work earn it.

However he acknowledged he was told, “No need,” on epic of the law enforcement on the scene had skills that it was going to utilize to search out the phone later that day.

John Marvin acknowledged he was at a loss for words by that on epic of the phone was “sincere out right here.”

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“It steady blew me away that I’m sitting right here exhibiting them where Maggie’s phone is however they obtained’t bewitch the time to stroll with me … to pass receive it,” he acknowledged.

He then approached Duffie Stone, who was the 14th Circuit Solicitor on the time, who acknowledged they have to light fling earn it earlier than the battery died, which they did, he testified.

Jurors also heard from blood-spatter knowledgeable Tim Palmbach who acknowledged he notion that bigger than one gunman shot and killed Maggie and Paul Murdaugh.

Griffin also requested him if he notion two of us dedicated the murders.

“My opinion is the totality of the evidence is extra suggestive of a two-shooter scenario,” he acknowledged.

On Monday, Favor Clifton Newman also granted the defense group’s query to enable jurors to visit the scene of the crime at Moselle.

“We imagine it will be distinguished for the jury to visit Moselle, every the dwelling of the kennels and the dwelling, steady to earn some conception of the spatial relationships,” Alex Murdaugh’s other defense attorney, Dick Harpootlian, told the think.

The trial is now in its sixth week. The prosecution acknowledged it will most likely most likely presumably per chance wrap up its case on Tuesday afternoon after now not lower than four rebuttal witnesses bewitch the stand.

Closing arguments also can originate up on Wednesday.

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