Florida Man Motion photos Conceivable Shark in Neighbor’s Yard amid Typhoon Ian: It ‘Was Provoking’

A shark potentially obtained a little of too stop for comfort to one Florida family amid Typhoon Ian’s wrath.

On Wednesday morning, Dominic Cameratta turned into having a seek for out the window on the water rising stop to his residence in Fortress Myers, Florida. He began taking a video to exhibit his neighbors how high the water turned into in their backyard, however then he seen something substantial moving in the water.

“I behold this ingredient flopping spherical in there, and I’m fancy, ‘Oh my God,’ and I zoom in,” Dominic, a 43-365 days-damaged-down proper estate developer, tells PEOPLE of the conceivable shark inside of reach. “The capacity it turned into swimming turned into provoking. It turned into moving aspect to aspect.”

After sending the video to his mates, Dominic says, “People were fancy, ‘That’s impossible. I articulate that turned into a shark!’ ”

Even though Dominic admits he’s no longer a shark professional — or per chance a fish professional — his valuable other Elizabeth and daughter Ella were each convinced the animal turned into certainly a shark. “I turned into literally tremulous,” Ella, 15, says.

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Courtesy of Elizabeth Cameratta

Dominic tells PEOPLE that one of his mates additionally advised him that the creature appears to be like fancy it might per chance presumably’ve particularly been a bull shark.

“He acknowledged, ‘Dom, I’m telling you, I articulate that’s a bull shark on legend of those bull sharks can get up thru brackish water. I’m shapely particular that’s what it is miles,’ ” Dominic says. “So I turned into fancy, ‘Oh my God, that’s crazy.’ ”

As the day persisted, the family — who lives in a one-story residence — saw the waters rising and needed to assume whether or no longer to fling out the storm inside of their residence or mission commence air, where they knew there turned into something that on the total is a shark ready.

“You are confronted with this horrible resolution, on legend of we most attention-grabbing have a one-story residence,” Dominic says. “Attain you stagger to the roof? Attain we stagger to our neighbors who were racy us to return over if we wanted to head to their 2nd story?”

“Nonetheless then it be major to battle thru this water that you literally know a shark is potentially in it, no longer to claim the total snakes, and essentially the most popular. Or no longer it is crazy,” he continues.

Dominic acknowledged that he, his daughter and his valuable other ended up utilizing out the storm at their residence.

He added that their 18-365 days-damaged-down son, Joey, who’s a student at Ole Miss, turned into alarmed about his family. They effect lifestyles jackets on their Cavapoo and their Goldendoodle, whereas his valuable other and daughter rode out the storm in his valuable other’s closet.

“Our neighbors were walking in neck-deep water to head to assorted neighbors’ properties which have a 2nd story,” Elizabeth, 42 — a set up-at-residence mother — tells PEOPLE. “We were freaking out. We were fancy, ‘Oh my God. They’re swimming over there. There might be snakes and sharks in that water. … Or no longer it is truly provoking. It truly turned into fancy a scare movie.’ ”

Dominic, who’s never at all times truly on social media himself, other than LinkedIn, acknowledged a buddy posted his video on Twitter, where it has since long past viral.

“I’m listening to of us in each space. I’m overhearing conversations with of us fancy, ‘Did you hear there turned into a shark on the streets?’ ” he says. “Or no longer it is miles so crazy. Or no longer it is impossible.”

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