Herschel Walker Denies Paying for an Abortion When Pressed by Hannity: ‘I Send Money to a Lot of People’

Herschel Walker says the claims that he paid for a outdated school girlfriend’s abortion in 2009 are a “lie,” and that he simply sends money “to somewhat so a lot of oldsters.”

The outdated fashioned NFL athlete informed Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday he had “no view” who the girl making the accusation used to be, despite The On day by day basis Beast — which published its document on Monday — noting that the girl had “equipped proof of her romantic relationship with Walker,” as wisely as a $575 receipt from the abortion sanatorium, and an image of a signed $700 private take a look at from Walker alongside a “improve” card.

“I have not seen it,” Walker said of the card. “I send out so many improve — I send out so worthy of anything else. But I will be able to dispute you appropriate now, I by no manner asked anyone to gain an abortion. I by no manner paid for an abortion, and it’s a ways a lie. And I will proceed to fight.”

While Walker attempted to bring the dialog lend a hand to his battleground Senate flee, Hannity persisted to press the school football legend on the abortion claims.

“What regarding the $700 take a look at? Is there anyone you would possibly perhaps be conscious sending that worthy money to?” the host asked.

“Effectively, I send money to somewhat so a lot of oldsters and that is the reason what’s so amusing,” Walker replied, adding: “I appreciate in being generous.”

While Walker has denied the document, his appreciate son Christian Walker took to Twitter Tuesday morning to call his father a liar, pronouncing that the handwriting on the card used to be “literally” his dad’s, and criticizing Herschel for denying the yarn.

“Lie, after lie, after lie,” Christian, 23, said in the video. “The abortion card drops yesterday, it’s literally his handwriting in the card … he gets on Twitter, he lies about it.”

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The document regarding the abortion comes as the outdated school athlete has said he’s staunchly pro-existence, and expressed a belief that abortion have to be outlawed in all cases.

The Republican has also made different public comments regarding the importance of fathers, together with in a 2021 interview with conservative social media personalities Diamond and Silk, when he said: “The daddy leaves in the Unlit family. He leaves the boys by myself to allow them to be raised by their mom. Even as you appreciate a baby with a woman, despite the incontrovertible fact that it’s principal to head away that girl — despite the incontrovertible fact that it’s principal to head away that girl — you construct not plod away that child.”

Walker issued an announcement on Monday following The On day by day basis Beast’s reporting, claiming he deliberate to sue the outlet Tuesday morning. As of midday on Tuesday, although, Walker’s attorneys informed CBS News producer Elizabeth Campbell that the personnel used to be “pondering about our suggestions but no final decision has been made on the longer term going by of this matter.”

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