Is tying C-suite bonuses to DEI targets the answer to elevated workplace equality?

Cash talks, because the ancient asserting goes. Nonetheless will that cease up being the case by scheme of growth on diversity, equality and inclusion?

It appears’s a philosophy a rising different of companies are subscribing to, choosing to manufacture leaders more guilty for DE&I by tying senior bonuses to growth. PWC’s 2022 global CEO survey showed that 11% of global CEOs get gender illustration targets of their annual bonus or prolonged-term incentive plans, while 8% get the same for racial and ethnic diversity targets. 

It’s a manner companies love global advertising and marketing community Dentsu, In model Motors (GM) and McDonalds get utilized, centering an ingredient of senior bonuses around assembly DE&I targets. 

For the fleshy story first reported on and printed by Digiday sibling WorkLife, click on here.

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