Jason Kelce’s Pregnant Wife Says Daughters Will Glimpse Dad in Gargantuan Bowl — Even If She Goes into Labor

It be Jason Kelce’s arrangement to play the stout sport on Gargantuan Bowl Sunday.

On the opposite hand, spouse Kylie Kelce is now no longer as distinct about making it thru all four quarters. At 38 weeks pregnant and with two OBs and two puny ladies below 3 in tow, the 29-twelve months-worn mom is willing for the rest.

Speaking with PEOPLE about who can be along with her on the gigantic day, Kylie shares, “That is also our OBs, my mom and pa, after which our daughters, after which Jason’s dad and mom, his aunt and uncle. And then we like some mates coming with us.”

“So in the event of an emergency exit, the OBs will streak along with me and our daughters will live with my mom and pa. They are there on grandchild responsibility,” Kylie shares.

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For Kylie, or now no longer it’s important that daughters Elliotte, who turns 2 subsequent month, and Wyatt, 3, soak up all they can of the extra-special event.

“I originate now no longer know that our 2-twelve months-worn will unquestionably take into accout the rest, and unquestionably despite the indisputable fact that our 3-twelve months-worn will, on the different hand or now no longer it’s good this kind of groovy opportunity. As a minimum, they’re going to like photos of them on the Gargantuan Bowl cheering on their dad,” Kylie tells PEOPLE. “I do know that or now no longer it’s one thing [Jason] desired to fragment with them.”

“So we collected elevate out like a backup opinion, that if the rest occurs with the most modern puny Kelce and me, my dad and mom will steal the ladies so as that they can journey it with him,” she explains. “It be good an amazing opportunity for our household.”

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In a stout-page advert in the Philadelphia Inquirer Wednesday, Frida announced its sponsorship of Kylie as their MVP, “Most Treasured Pusher.”

“This Sunday will generate over $500 million of adverts and sponsorships around soccer avid gamers. Nevertheless the precise MVP is now no longer going to be on the enviornment. Frida is proud to formally sponsor Kylie Kelce in the game of motherhood as she prepares to welcome puny one #3,” reads the advert, which capabilities a photograph of Kylie correct thru Elliotte’s birth.

“While Kylie’s husband and crew sweat over 18 weeks of work, she’s on week 38. In choice to water breaks, her water might possibly unquestionably damage. There is no note round. And or now no longer it’s messy,” the advert continues.

“It be actually blood, sweat and tears. You wanna focus on MVPs? Where’s the award for Most Treasured Pusher? Her plus-one this Sunday can be her OB-GYN because her Mountainous Game might possibly originate upright there on the Mountainous Game. So as her husband pushes that soccer thru his legs, she can be pushing one thing twice as gigantic thru hers. And that’s the reason what deserves a sponsorship.”

Helping other families thru the partnership, Frida can be doing one thing special for the total ladies folk who are bringing infants into the arena on Sunday, offering them with the instruments to originate their season of motherhood.

Mothers who welcome fair a puny one on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023, can ship proof of birth and a transport contend with, and Frida will ship Frida Mom and Frida Toddler equipment to model out their greatest sport but: parenthood.

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