Jennifer Lopez Provides Survey at ‘Hummingbird Christmas’ Vogue, Including Dress She Wore for Ben Affleck Duet!

Jennifer Lopez decked out the vacations in type with a varied theme this year.

The Marry Me superstar, 53, shared images from her vacation celebrations on essentially the most up-to-date installment of her On the JLo newsletter, and announced that she centered her Christmas theme and magnificence this year around the premise of the hummingbird.

“To me, hummingbirds are messengers of love,” Lopez wrote in her newsletter. “… They’re also the quickest chook nonetheless they regularly beget time to discontinue, utilize one thing sweet and smell the roses. I identify with them, nonetheless higher than one thing at any time when I notice one, I accept cherish or no longer it’s a signal from God that every little thing goes to be OK.”

Jennifer Lopez/instagram

She even embellished her Christmas tree with silver and gold hummingbirds and teal blue embellishes, which she matched in images posted to Instagram with a equivalent teal blue dress with crimson ribbon motifs. The collar and cuffs on the dress were white with a flower motif, which she complemented with white floral earrings and crimson, patent leather ankle-strap platforms.

“So, I made up my mind this year that the hummingbird would possibly maybe presumably be a significant theme,” she said, together with that she wrote a music known as “Hummingbird” for her new album. “We beget now blended families, doubled the relaxing, doubled the love, doubled the gifts and triple the chaos!!”

Lopez also admitted that the chook influenced her outfit for the superstar-studded vacation bash she threw with Ben Affleck, 50, at their Los Angeles home earlier this month.

“I also picked hummingbird colors for my vacation social gathering dress this year,” she wrote. “Or no longer it’s a Gucci dress that I’ve had in my closet which I supplied a year ago and I have been making an strive forward to the very best occasion to wear. I presumed it was perfect for our Hummingbird Christmas Celebration.”

The extravagant ground-measurement silk robe featured what perceived to be fan or fly patterns in a lot of hues of silver, teal and inexperienced across the span of the lengthy-sleeved dress. The sleeves of the dress poofed round her wrist transitioning into velvet murky cuffs and a silver sample detailed the excessive neckline of the dress. She accessorized the dress with silver tumble earrings and wore her hair up in an neutral ponytail.

Courtesy of Jennifer Lopez

The actress and singer went all out for the first vacation season she shared with Affleck since tying the knot with him earlier this year.

“For the past 8 years we have been doing a Christmas Version Taco Tuesday, where we party and dress up and enlighten Christmas carols,” Lopez said in her newsletter. “This was the first time in a actually lengthy time we were ready to party with of us that we have not considered in forever. The social gathering was stuffed with family, chums, colleagues, and folks we have identified from over the years. We sang and danced and had essentially the most unbelievable time.”

Several videos from the social gathering popped up on social media together with a video of Lopez main the crowd in a sweet rendition of “Jingle Bells,” and retaining the microphone out to those gathered round.

Her beau Affleck also got in on the relaxing, taking up the mic for a performance of John Tale’s “By Christmas Eve.” In any other video, he and Lopez were captured sharing a sweet smooch and embody.

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The couple tied the knot on July 16, true by a non-public Las Vegas ceremony at the Exiguous White Wedding Chapel, after which held a 2nd marriage ceremony to celebrate with family on chums on Aug. 20.

“Or no longer it’s a swish final consequence that this has took place in this type today in our lives where we can in actuality cherish and celebrate every varied and appreciate every varied,” Lopez instructed PEOPLE earlier this year of her and Affleck’s 2nd chance at love.

She added, “We continuously did, nonetheless we now beget even more of an appreciation because we know that lifestyles can blueprint discontinuance you in varied instructions.”

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