King Charles Receives a Fresh Horse from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police previously talented eight horses to King Charles’ mom, Queen Elizabeth II throughout her reign

Printed on March 11, 2023 05:25 PM


King Charles III has a brand tranquil steed to name his possess.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) introduced in an announcement on Saturday that it talented the 74-year-customary royal a brand tranquil horse named Noble, a 7-year-customary dim mare that stands 16.2 hands enormous, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the RCMP.

King Charles III became as soon as snapped meeting the mare for the fundamental time earlier this week on the British Royals’ equestrian stables, The Royal Mews in Windsor.

Within the photography, he stood proudly next to Noble, who had been adorned with a brown saddle and dim furs, as smartly as a saddle blanket with the King’s royal image printed in crimson, navy and gold. The horse’s bridle featured intricate gold chains intertwining with darkish brown leather-based fully fully, and a golden crown image became as soon as sewn into the leather-based fully fully placed on the horse’s head.


King Charles III, carrying a navy blue coat with a white undershirt and light-weight blue dotted tie, stroked Noble’s muzzle in a single shot and grew to change into his head to enjoy the horse in one more.

RCMP talked about Noble had been a fraction of their 2022 Musical Rush, a tour that showcases their “cavalry’s equestrian skills,” and noted that she had shown “superior physical and athletic ability” as smartly as a “aloof persona.”

“Her aloof demeanor permits her to thrive within the infrequently raucous environment of thrilling public occasions,” the RCMP talked about in its description of Noble, along with that she became as soon as selected as the “excellent” horse for the king resulting from her “size and skills.”

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The dim mare had been bred and educated in Canada and got her name by the RCMP’s annual ‘Name the Foal’ contest.

This is now no longer the fundamental steed from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that the royal will scurry. As Prince of Wales, Charles frequently rode two horses talented by the RCMP named James and George for Trooping the Coloration, an event marking the birthday of the most up-to-date British Sovereign. James had been talented to his mom Queen Elizabeth II in 1998 and George became as soon as talented in 2009.

Six other horses were talented by the RCMP to Queen Elizabeth II throughout her reign, along with Burmese, in 1969, which she rode at Trooping the Coloration for 18 years and one more one named after her, which became as soon as talented for her Diamond Jubilee in 20212.

The RCMP and the royal family were connected since 1904 when King Edward VII bestowed the title of Royal on the North-West Mounted Police, in accordance to the discharge.

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