Man Dies After Reportedly Being Attacked by a Rooster in His Ireland Dwelling

A person from Ireland who used to be in remission after being diagnosed with most cancers died after he used to be attacked by a rooster in his residence, an inquest hearing into his reason at the reduction of death reportedly published.

During the hearing, it used to be stated that Jasper Kraus suffered the assault from a Brahma rooster on April 28, 2022, per The Irish Examiner.

Detective Garda Eoin Browne testified that he used to be alerted in regards to the incident, and when he arrived, first responders had unsuccessfully tried CPR to revive Kraus. As Browne entered the residence, he stated Kraus used to be lying on the bottom in a pool of his blood after being injured on the reduction of indubitably one of his legs.

Kraus’ daughter, Virginia Guinan, furthermore recalled the second she used to be told about her father’s death, the outlet reported.

Earlier that day, she had taken objects to Kraus; when she arrived, he used to be sound asleep. Guinan added that her father used to be furthermore in remission after being diagnosed with most cancers and previously suffered renal failure. Which skill that of of his health elements, he used to be on treatment.


Later that day, her father’s tenant of two years, Corey O’Keeffe, contacted her to expose her about her father. She seen the gruesome scene upon her arrival to his residence, per the e-newsletter. She stated precise thru the hearing that his TV used to be playing, and a cigarette used to be peaceable burning.

She furthermore seen blood resulting in the rooster apartment, per The Irish Examiner. After noticing blood in a rooster’s claws, she distinct the rooster who had attacked her father used to be the equal one who once attacked her daughter, she stated.

O’Keeffe furthermore testified that he labored the slack shift the evening sooner than and returned residence spherical 8 a.m. local time. Shortly after feeding the animals and going to mattress, he heard Kraus show him to “come like a flash.”

O’Keeffe stated he seen a gash on Kraus’ calf alongside with completely different accidents. He known as for lend a hand and used to be quick on the blueprint to invent CPR for 25 minutes sooner than paramedics arrived. He stated Kraus persevered to negate the be aware “rooster” as he misplaced consciousness a whole lot of times.

Dr. Annette Jennings shed more light on the incident and stated precise thru the hearing that after she obtained to Kraus’ residence, paramedics had been attempting to revive him.

He used to be formally pronounced ineffective at 3:24 p.m. local time. She stated his death used to be irregular, because the injury to his left calf used to be precipitated by a rooster, per The Irish Examiner.

Dr. Ramadan Shatwan, who performed the autopsy, stated at the hearing that Kraus’ face and his legs had blood on them; nonetheless, he did not hang any cuts on his face. His reason at the reduction of death used to be distinct as deadly cardiac arrhythmia by severe coronary atheroma and cardiomegaly. Coroner Brian O’Connor later confirmed the victim’s reason at the reduction of death, recording a verdict of misadventure, per The Irish Examiner.

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Guinan had requested Dr. Shatwan if her father had a heart assault, and he stated yes, in conjunction with that the blood offer to his heart used to be “severely calcified,” which furthermore played a ingredient in his death, per the outlet.

The Examiner added that Guinan stated Kraus’ heart discipline used to be not news to her family as they “knew his heart used to be horrid.”

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Kraus’ obituary shared that he “sadly” died “all precise now” and left at the reduction of his son Kevin Joey, mother Oma, father Opa and sister Ida.

His family stated he used to be “deeply mourned” and “sadly neglected” by Guinan, his son-in-law and his grandchildren.

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