Survivor 44’s Bruce Perreault Removed on Day 1 After Grotesque Head Harm, 2 Extra Avid gamers Require EMT Attend

Warning: This submit contains spoilers and graphic photos from the season 44 premiere of Survivor.

Basically the most recent season of Survivor started rather actually with a bang — to the head.

Decrease than 20 minutes into the first episode of Survivor 44 on Wednesday, 46-yr-inclined contestant Bruce Perreault slammed his head correct into a wood beam all over the first scenario of all of the season in a bodily contest that required the castaways to military-saunter by strategy of the mud below a wood structure.

Presumably fueled by adrenaline, Bruce told host Jeff Probst plenty of instances that he used to be unbiased correct-attempting — even as blood poured from the injure and down his face.

After a fast time, despite the indisputable truth that, Bruce eventually crumpled on the seaside and fell momentarily unconscious. At that level, the scenario officially stopped.

EMTs ran in, and Probst himself helped care for up Bruce’s head whereas the medics administered oxygen and bandaged up the hurt.

Bruce, a Rhode Island-based realtor and insurance coverage agent, regained consciousness after just a few moments. Over the next plenty of hours, he helped his fellow participants of the newly shaped Tika tribe decide into their Fijian encampment and regarded love he used to be ready to “Outwit, Outplay, Out live.”

But later that evening, his eyes grew far away and clinical support used to be called in yet again.

“My head is killing me,” he told them, displaying glazed over.

After medics examined Bruce, Probst returned (by no system a legit signal) and told Bruce he would deserve to head away.

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“I do know or no longer it’s hard to hear, but there might per chance be minute doubt right here’s the good resolution,” talked about Probst.

“I wished this so wicked,” Bruce talked about, crying in disappointment.

“I’m so sorry,” talked about Probst, 61. “I am truly heartbroken for you. That that you will be a brilliant light. That that you will be so obvious. That that you will be a prime. But why we’re doing this unbiased correct?”

After Bruce acknowledged he did understand, one other castaway told him: “We’re gonna lift it dwelling for you.”

One other one shouted, “We love you!” Via tears, Bruce affirmed, “I love you support.”

As he used to be taken away on a stretcher, one other castaway called the resolution “devastating.”


Bruce’s hurt used to be basically the most horrifying of the premiere, but it for inch wasn’t the sole — the next day Ratu tribe member Matthew Grinstead-Mayle used to be walking over craggy rocks when he fell by strategy of, dislocated his shoulder and severely lower up one amongst his feet. After he popped his shoulder support into living, medics came to place his arm in a sling and bandage his foot. He remained within the sling for the leisure of the episode but persevered on.

Later, all over the immunity scenario, fellow Ratu member Brandon Cottom needed to be attended to by medics when he used to be overtaken by heat and dehydration. He stayed on the sidelines for the leisure of the competition to chilly down but used to be in a predicament to continue competing (and received a fortunate fracture when he chanced on a hidden immunity idol that saved him from elimination all over that evening’s tribal council).

Appropriate sooner than Brandon’s clinical grief, despite the indisputable truth that, Probst had given the last gamers an update on Bruce, telling them he used to be “delighted to file [Bruce is] in noteworthy form — no hazard, no hurt.”

But there had been hurt, and Ratu’s Kane Fritzler summed up the theme of the premiere perfect: “Unprecedented physique hurt.”

In an surprising delighted ending to the surprisingly grim episode Probst printed on his On Fire podcast, released because the episode ended, that Bruce will occupy the likelihood to occupy a appropriate Survivor abilities finally — the host confirmed he’ll invite Bruce to compete on a future season.

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Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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