Top 5 Upcoming Exhibitions in Saudi Arabia

In today’s dynamic world, exhibitions play a crucial role in showcasing innovation, fostering business connections, and promoting cultural exchange. Saudi Arabia, known for its rapid transformation and growing economy, is no stranger to hosting remarkable exhibitions. In this article, we will explore the top 5 upcoming exhibitions in Saudi Arabia that are set to captivate visitors from around the globe.


Saudi Arabia has emerged as a prominent hub for exhibitions and conferences, attracting businesses, artists, and enthusiasts alike. These exhibitions are diverse, ranging from industry-specific events to cultural extravaganzas. Let’s dive into the five exhibitions that promise to be the highlights of the year.

1. Standsbay: The Business Networking Extravaganza

Date: April 15-17, 2023

Standsbay is a premier B2B networking event that brings together business leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry experts under one roof. This exhibition focuses on forging partnerships, sharing knowledge, and exploring emerging market trends. With a diverse array of industries represented, Standsbay offers unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and growth.

2. Exproglobal: Exploring the Future of Technology

Date: June 5-8, 2023

Exproglobal is a tech enthusiast’s dream come true. This exhibition showcases cutting-edge technologies, from artificial intelligence to renewable energy solutions. Visitors can expect interactive displays, keynote presentations, and a chance to glimpse the future of innovation. Whether you’re an industry professional or simply curious about what’s next, Exproglobal is a must-visit event.

3. Standszone: Redefining the Real Estate Landscape

Date: September 20-22, 2023

Standszone is the go-to exhibition for real estate enthusiasts and investors. It brings together developers, architects, and real estate professionals to showcase the latest projects, investment opportunities, and architectural marvels. If you’re looking to invest in Saudi Arabia’s booming real estate market, Standszone is the place to be.

4. Entasher: Celebrating Saudi Arabian Culture

Date: November 10-12, 2023

Entasher is a celebration of Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage. This exhibition features traditional art, music, cuisine, and crafts. Visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant traditions of the Kingdom while interacting with local artisans and performers. Entasher is a unique opportunity to experience the heart and soul of Saudi culture.

5. Evintra: The Event Planner’s Paradise

Date: December 5-7, 2023

Evintra caters to event planners, hospitality professionals, and anyone interested in organizing extraordinary events. From wedding planners to corporate event organizers, Evintra offers a comprehensive platform to discover the latest trends, network with suppliers, and gain insights from industry experts. Whether you’re planning a grand wedding or a corporate seminar, Evintra has you covered.


Saudi Arabia’s exhibition scene is vibrant and diverse, reflecting the Kingdom’s commitment to progress and cultural exchange. The top 5 upcoming exhibitions mentioned here offer a glimpse into the exciting opportunities and experiences that await visitors. Whether you’re interested in business networking, technology, real estate, culture, or event planning, Saudi Arabia has an exhibition tailored to your interests.

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