VGTV, PinkNews and Anzu.io are finalists for this year’s Digiday Media Awards Europe

This year’s Digiday Media Awards Europe finalists proved that video continues to be a sturdy medium for manufacturers to spend. At some level of the entries, it was additionally evident that ad-tech platforms are making a splash and that digital product innovation is rising. 

VGTV has secured quite a lot of nominations amongst this year’s entries, including Simplest Digital Product Innovation, Simplest Subscription or Membership Product, and Simplest Use of Video. 

The media firm’s nomination for Most Engaged Neighborhood showcases its skills and beauty. VGTV produces video for VG, the finest newspaper in Norway, and it had to pivot when it identified a shortage of effectively-produced screech for Gen Z audiences. VGTV hired influencer Linnéa Myhre to profile its subsequent huge leisure podcast. Linnéa dove into Norway’s juiciest neatly-known particular person tales, offering diagnosis in an inviting precise-crime style. VGTV then obsolete the podcast’s success to open a espresso-desk e book with extra subject subject from the podcast, equivalent to uncut scripts. Then VGTV launched a TV sequence with Linnéa documenting the colossal affect bloggers can wield. This collaboration helped VGTV join with a new target audience and make stronger consciousness of VGTV. 

To boot to to VGTV’s podcast work with Linnéa, it additionally produced a males’s health podcast that earned the video crew a nomination for Simplest Podcast. The ‘How are you, man?’ podcast was launched to inspire males to higher keep in touch with one any other about their feelings. Evaluating a shortage of screech on males’s mental health contained within the podcast residence, VGTV enlisted obsolete legit hockey participant Erik Follestad to host the podcast and interview other males about their interior lives while exploring his maintain. VGTV’s replacement of getting a nonprofessional man host — rather then a psychologist or therapist — helped listeners snarl and join with the podcast, resulting in over 1.5 million downloads. 

When it came to the Simplest Advert Tech Platform, Anzu.io was a clear standout. As more companies enter the gaming residence, skills equivalent to Anzu has change into necessary. Anzu’s modern ad tech platform blends non-intrusive in-game ticket adverts precise now into the gameplay, acting on 3D in-game objects in locations where other folks would search files from to search out them within the precise world. With such platforms, advertisers can reach 3 billion avid gamers in a non-intrusive formulation, and developers can monetize titles to beef up the gameplay skills.  

PinkNews was one other crew to garner quite a lot of nominations this year, including Publishing Executive of the 365 days. PinkNews was additionally a standout for Simplest Use of Video for its Snapchat Present, ‘The Queer Contain-up.’ Because the arena’s most-watched and browse LGBTQ+ media ticket, PinkNews wished to enlarge viewership to proceed spreading positivity and enlarge the publicity of definite LGBTQ+ tales on the Snapchat platform. In 2021, PinkNews grew the target audience and subscriber heinous for ‘The Queer Contain-Up’ exponentially, reaching higher than 650,000 subscribers. 

On high of this, PinkNews additionally received a nomination for Editorial Team of the 365 days for its coverage of World AIDS Day, mighty stereotypes around living with HIV/AIDS while calling for the govtto step up its efforts to eradicate transmission. PinkNews additionally delivered unparalleled coverage of transgender disorders, reporting on the first-ever transgender civil rights case to develop it to the UK Supreme Court docket. The media ticket’s coverage of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan additionally shed a totally different light on the plight of LGBTQ+ other folks following the regime alternate. PinkNews persevered to cater to its precise readers by giving them detailed diagnosis, precise reporting, participating tales and comprehensive coverage of LGBTQ+ disorders. 

All in all, 2022 confirmed that video remains a extraordinarily significant draw for companies to construct to and develop their audiences. As more companies dive into what their audiences are making an are attempting to notice, they’re seeing enhance that’s propelling them into the prolonged hump.  

See the full list of finalists below.

Advert Operations Team of the 365 days

Hearst UK Advert Operations Team

Contemporary York Events Promoting

POLITICO Europe – Advert Operations crew of the year

The Ozone Project’s Publisher Operations crew

Simplest Advert Tech Platform

Anzu.io – the arena’s most superior in-game promoting solution


Nano Interactive & UK Authorities – The spend of Intent focusing on to make certain the British public that the vaccine is safe

Outbrain – Start of Smartlogic

Teads – The International Media Platform


Simplest Mark Start/Match

Files Dwell: The Events CEO Summit

The Economist Neighborhood

Simplest Mark Partnership

Hearst UK’s Cosmopolitan HomeMade x NatWest

International Paralympic Committee & Allianz

Norwegian Directorate of Correctly being & VG-lista 2021 – Discovering the prolonged hump together, right here’s what the childhood have learnt all over the pandemic.

Otrium, AMPC and Partnerize: Affiliate Channel Success

Simplest Branded Bellow Program

Haymarket Car Studio: Audi e-tron & Autocar Electric

Haymarket Car Studio: BMW UK & Autocar Motorsport

Hearst UK’s Girls’s Correctly being x Below Armour: It Begins with a Bra

Files UK & Google: The Funday Events

Simplest Bellow Studio


CNNIC Uncover

Imagine Studio at Rapid Media Co

POLITICO Studio – POLITICO Europe’s in-residence ingenious agency

TheSoul Publishing

Simplest Contextual Concentrating on Offering

Contextual Concentrating on at Precision and Scale – by Integral Advert Science

Files UK: Nucleus Emotional Concentrating on

Verity: Refined Contextual Concentrating on

Simplest Custom Promoting

TOTO – Voetbalzone widget

Havas Media International

Havas Play

How Tennis Consultants’ Have an effect on Proves an Ace for ASICS on the Partnerize Platform

Trekpleister – Greenhouse Neighborhood – Stocard

Simplest Digital Product Innovation

Mediahub UK – Start of Mediahub ARC

Nova TV & Cobe Osijek – DNEVNIK.hr cell app

Outbrain’s Smartlogic

rankingCoach FREE & rankingCoach 360

TV files crew, VG

Xaxis, Wavemaker & Finecast: Rising video affect for Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Simplest First-Celebration Files Technique

Files UK: Nucleus Files Platform

Unlocking Actionable Insights and Dispelling Legacy Myths by Files Science and Cloud Files Lake: Gerber Lifestyles Insurance + DELVE

Simplest Newsletter


The Telegraph – The Front Online page Newsletter

Simplest Podcast

90min – Football Americana

ITV Files


The Economist Neighborhood

VGTV, How are you, man? – A determined podcast on males’s mental health

Simplest Publisher Platform

Nova TV & Cobe Osijek – DNEVNIK.hr cell app

optAd360 AI Engine

Partner Recruitment Capabilities Present That Partnerize is Altering the Sport for Entrepreneurs

Submit Lab for Labrador CMS

ShowHeroes Neighborhood – ShowHeroes PLAY

The Ozone Project – the platform for high rate publishers

Simplest Earnings Diversification Technique

Home Graceful, Hearst UK

The Economist Neighborhood

Simplest Pickle Uncover

Bustle UK

CNN Uncover and Samsung

MAIA and DVTK – Start of MAIA

Simplest Myth

ITV Files


Simplest Subscription or Membership Product


Simplest Use of Social

Havas Play

Social Chain & Amazon Prime Video UK – Supreme So You Know

TheSoul Publishing – 5 hours of crafts

VGTV, How are you, man? – A determined podcast on males’s mental health

Simplest Use of Video


Economist Motion pictures

M&S Food Romford Boys Charity Single Marketing campaign – Scale and Suitability with TikTok & Zefr

PinkNews – The Queer Contain-up

Samsung & T Mark, the screech studio of Contemporary York Events Promoting

Social Chain & Amazon Prime Video – Supreme So You Know

TheSoul Publishing

TV files crew, VG

Simplest Video Marketing campaign

Social Chain & Amazon Prime Video UK – Supreme So You Know

Editorial Team of the 365 days

Bustle UK



Journalist of the 365 days 

Daniel Hewitt, ITV Files

Paul Mark, ITV Files

Most Engaged Neighborhood

Arena Media


Will Media

Publisher of the 365 days

Hearst UK

ITV Files


Publishing Executive of the 365 days

PinkNews – Sarah Watson, Director of Product

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