Wonder’s 2099 world returns in Spider-Man 2099: Darkish Genesis

Spider-Man 2099: Darkish Genesis duvet art

Spider-Man 2099: Darkish Genesis duvet art
(Image credit: Wonder Comics)

2022 marked the thirtieth anniversary of Wonder’s Spider-Man 2099 and the publisher revisited its alternate dystopian a ways-future with Spider-Man 2099: Exodus, a new series by creator Steve Orlando that revisited and expanded on that world.

But it unquestionably wasn’t staunch a round quantity anniversary one-off, Orlando will return to 2099 in Spider-Man 2099: Darkish Genesis, a five-scenario weekly series in Can also that can power Miguel O’Hara to “defend his broken world from an amazing new risk!”

Spider-Man 2099: Darkish Genesis #1 duvet

Spider-Man 2099: Darkish Genesis #1 duvet (Image credit: Wonder Comics)

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“Or now now not it’s colossal to be aid to 2099 – and now now not staunch have on Exodus however additionally the previous three implausible decades of pioneering, innovative cyberpunk work carried out in the arena of 2099,” Orlando says in Wonder’s announcement. 

“After we remaining seen Spider-Man 2099, he used to be decimating the shaded card elite and upending social instruct to abet the neighborhood. Reduction day to day people. But even he didn’t demand how his actions would spark an outburst of vengeance and blood — with a monster at its head.”

All five considerations with the series will characteristic foremost covers by Nick Bradshaw and be drawn by Spider-Punk artist Justin Mason, who with Orlando will introduce a new Carnage to 2099’s Nueva York.

Spider-Man 2099: Darkish Genesis #2 duvet

Spider-Man 2099: Darkish Genesis #2 duvet (Image credit: Wonder Comics)

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To abet combat the risk, Spider-Man 2099 recruits a team of workers of heroes including “redefined fan-favorites” like Punisher 2099 and Daredevil 2099 and new characters like Blade 2099.

“As society begins to fall apart, Spider-Man 2099 will want the total abet he can safe – however does the public even want his abet? Or attain they all staunch are searching to possess a study this world burn?” reads Wonder’s description. 

“I’m so livid to be aid and to be working with Justin Mason,” continued Orlando. “Together, we now possess bought plot more 2099 classics coming your plot, along side new debuts, unquestionably! Earth-2099 is place of abode for Carnage like none it’s ever considered.”

Spider-Man 2099: Darkish Genesis #1 (of 5) goes on sale Can also 3 and continues weekly through Can also 31. Verify out all five Bradshaw covers under. 

Spider-Man 2099: Darkish Genesis

(Image credit: Wonder Comics)

Spider-Man 2099 ranks amongst the only Spider-Mans for your total Wonder Multiverse.

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