Yeedi Floor 3 Situation overview: flat and strong with a self-cleansing station

The robot vacuum cleaner that vacuums and mops by itself. The brand new Yeedi Floor Situation 3 can supposedly navigate households worthy extra precisely thanks to its new ToF camera. With its rotating mop, grime will most doubtless be combatted totally. However no longer all the issues works perfectly with Yeedi’s new home assistant barely yet.

“The good mop robot – now even greater” – here’s what Yeedi promise with their new Floor 3 Situation. With a suction vitality of as much as 5,100 Pa, the robot mop vacuum cleaner can smooth up a form of grime. The rotating and oscillating mopping pads smooth floor totally and because of the mop station, user ride is critically improved as effectively.

Yeedi Floor Situation 3
Product form robot vacuum and mop
Form spherical robot diameter 350 mm: peak 84 mm
Situation with closed lid (B/T/H) 47 cm × forty five × forty five cm
Battery 14,4 V; 5200 mAh; 74.88 Wh
Form: S10-LI-144-520 4INR19/66-2
Navigation ToF camera with blueprint storage and collision avoidance
Suction vitality as much as 5100 Pa (in accordance with producer)
Dust tank 400 ml
New water tank 200 ml within the robot
4000 ml within the station
Charging instances 4 h 32 min (from 15 % to 100 %)
Connection WLAN solely with 2,4 GHz
Special aspects Scheme storage with book backup and restoration on extra than one floor
Carpet recognition
Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri voice administration
Link to the producer Yeedi Floor 3 Situation

The Yeedi Floor 3 and the accompanying station are largely brilliant white in coloration. Thanks to the time-of-flight (ToF) camera at the entrance of the robot, it’s a ways built critically flatter than its opponents with LiDAR cameras. The Yeedi Floor 3 is handiest 84 mm mountainous and has a diameter of 350 mm. This implies the vacuum cleaner must smooth don’t own any issues cleansing below furnishings. The noxious and the robot itself are embellished with about a rose gold accents. Its rounded edges and barely seen gaps give the robot a excessive-quality in actual fact feel. Nonetheless, as the complete aspects are constituted of plastic and rubber, the ultra-brilliant surfaces may presumably presumably presumably presumably secure scratched with time.

The Yeedi Floor 3’s lid is utterly removable and is held in station with extra than one strong magnets. Beneath you may possibly presumably presumably presumably ranking the grime tank, which would possibly contend with 400 ml and must be emptied on a customary basis. There’s a 200 ml water tank at the rear of the software and 3 aspect brushes on either aspect. This allows the robot to regulate directions extra with out issues and smooth floor extra effectively. If you stare intently at the support of the vacuum cleaner, you may possibly presumably presumably presumably uncover a rubber tab – here’s here so that an automatic emptying station can empty the grime tank. Unfortunately, the Floor 3 Situation doesn’t own this characteristic. 

The Yeedi Floor 3 Situation comes with all the issues mandatory but doesn’t comprise any extras. For the reason that complete consumables, much like filters, mop pads and brushes, own to be modified at some level, it’s a must to own interaction these one at a time later down the line. The equipment supposedly good for around a one year and a residing prices roughly $84. The vacuum cleaner comes with an instruction book, on the other hand, we stumbled on the Yeedi app to be so complete that we did no longer even must ascertain out the paper instructions.

The many rather a lot of parts are grouped collectively within the software’s packaging. The grime and water tanks are already do in and you may possibly presumably presumably presumably do the rest alongside with out the utilization of any instruments. The ramp must be inserted into the noxious, to boot to the mop pads and brushes. As soon as the noxious is connected to the vitality, you may possibly presumably presumably presumably originate configuring the settings the exercise of the Yeedi app, which is accessible on Android and iOS devices. Here, we were confronted with our first negate of affairs all over our test – the software modified into as soon as unable to connect to our smartphone. In most cases urgent the WiFi button would be passable to activate the robot’s setup mode. Nonetheless, in our test, we ended up having to ascertain out our good fortune urgent extra than one buttons on the noxious except a connection modified into as soon as made. We later stumbled on out that the Yeedi Floor 3 without delay prompts setup mode when it’s in its station – but then you may possibly presumably presumably presumably effectively be unable to access the QR code on the software. After we managed to connect the robot to our WLAN, the rest of the setup went smoothly and with out any issues. Then, we were onto developing our first blueprint.

On our ground floor, which is around 75 square metres in size, the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro took around 2.5 hours to have a blueprint – and handiest worked after the third strive. The Yeedi Floor 3 modified into as soon as critically sooner. After no longer as much as 10 minutes, the mapping modified into as soon as done and the robot had returned to its station. Thanks to its ToF camera on the entrance of the vacuum cleaner, the Yeedi Floor 3 handiest has to protect shut a transient stare all the draw thru the room to have a detailed blueprint. For the reason that software initiatives an invisible level grid, it will possibly presumably presumably work at nighttime time and modified into as soon as in a station to detect our floor-length mirrors.

The Yeedi app reveals the approximate life expectancy of the consumables and you may possibly presumably presumably presumably exercise it to residing the controls of the robot. This contains suction vitality in ranges aloof, no longer unique, maximum and maximum+, to boot to water quantity in three varied ranges. The settings to manipulate cleansing comprise a total cleansing, the choice to smooth particular rooms, to boot to zone cleansing. There are also extra than one settings for the Floor 3 Situation. All-in-all, the app is certain and intuitive. If you will own got beforehand owned a robot vacuum cleaner managed through an app, then you will rapid secure your bearings with the Yeedi app. Primarily the most convenient choice we ranking to be missing is the choice to utter the robot to head to a particular residing within the room. If the noxious is no longer any longer with out issues accessed, then this makes servicing the software barely advanced.

One mountainous critique relating to the app is the advert which is shown upon opening. Even supposing it handiest lasts 3 seconds and is skippable, we ranking it to be barely anxious, as we’re already the exercise of the software which it’s a ways making an strive to promote. 

The Yeedi Floor 3 has the choice to exercise a voice output, which would possibly own the robot enlighten which responsibilities it’s a ways for the time being working on and if it encounters any points. Here is equipped in extra than one languages. At some level of setup and servicing, the software also outputs certain instructions. The quantity of the voice output will most doubtless be managed and it will doubtless be switched off fully. 

A 4 cm strip of unwashed floor alongside the fringe of the room
A 4 cm strip of unwashed floor alongside the fringe of the room

The Yeedi Floor 3 cleans floor totally. With excessive suction vitality and its rotating mop pads, it must own interaction a form of grime. Small nuts and bolts are with out issues sucked up into the grime tank. The mop pads also interact a form of grime – after about 10-20 square metres, the robot returns to its station to smooth and wetten its mop pads. Even dried cat meals, espresso and ketchup proved to be no deliver for the Yeedi Floor 3 – but there were some exceptions. In our rooms with underfloor heating, the mop pads dried out too rapid – in overall fair earlier than the robot returned to its station to smooth them. In these scenarios, the software miscalculated the amount of water it needed. On laminate and wood floor with out underfloor heating, the pads held their moisture critically greater. When all the issues goes to negate, the Yeedi Floor 3 leaves floor smooth and lumber-free. The robot vacuum tackles grime fair as much as the perimeters of the room thanks to its aspect brushes. The mop pads, on the other hand, fling away a 4 cm large strip of unwashed floor on either aspect. 

Yeedi refuses to smooth below the sofa - circled in red
Yeedi refuses to smooth below the sofa – circled in red

The ToF navigation works reliably but no longer fully with out its points. Obstacles admire footwear, cables and toys are largely recognized by the ToF camera and the Yeedi avoids bumping into them. With the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro, we were in a station to file how effectively the flat vacuum cleaner modified into as soon as in a station to smooth below furnishings – with the Yeedi Floor 3, this modified into as soon as no longer the case. It in overall refused to smooth below furnishings which it’d with out issues match below. The 84 mm mountainous robot cleaned below furnishings with an 11 cm distance to the ground – and in flip, loses its support over vacuum cleaners with a LiDar tower. We hope this can soon be resolved in a firmware replace.

In the crash, the robot can smooth around 200-400 square metres with out human support. The limiting deliver here is having to empty and absorb up the an amazing selection of water tanks. The unique and soiled water tanks can with out issues contend with 4 litres of water. 

Now coming to the appropriate crux of the matter with the Yeedi Floor 3 Situation. Technically, all the issues will most doubtless be in actual fact easy – but, to contend with the mop vacuum cleaner running, there are about a issues it is top to contend with in verify. The excellent thing is guaranteeing to empty the grime tank on a customary basis for the reason that Floor 3 Situation doesn’t do that robotically. Aside from this, you furthermore may own to make sure you absorb up the water tank on a customary basis and smooth the brushes every now after which. To service the robot, it must be eliminated from its station. It may possibly possibly presumably presumably free up itself from its station at the contact of a button, but whilst you happen to may presumably presumably effectively be there already, you’d be sooner fair doing it yourself. The app doesn’t own an choice for the robot to station itself correct into a servicing station. Moreover, the Yeedi Floor 3 Situation’s water tanks own to be emptied and refilled on a customary basis. This implies it is top to smooth make sure you position the noxious someplace that is with out issues accessible.

Next to everyday servicing, the software may presumably presumably also require extra repairs at some level. Definite aspects comprise, as an instance, how with out issues accessible the battery is. You merely own to unscrew about a screws and the battery will most doubtless be swapped out. The battery is an S10-LI-144.520 battery – the the same one which will most doubtless be stumbled on in many other mop robot vacuum cleaners within the marketplace. This makes this spare share a barely cheap and uncomplicated one to search out. 

As regards to the noise emissions of the Yeedi Floor 3 with station, it’s a must to contend with in strategies that the software no longer handiest makes noise when in exercise and cleansing floor – the Yeedi Floor 3 Situation also makes barely a little bit of noise itself. When the robot modified into as soon as cleansing its mop pads, the Voltcraft SL-10 measured a quantity of 54-64 dB(A) from one metre away. While drying its mop pads, we measured a quantity of fair below 40 dB(A), which in our eyes is no longer any longer a bothersome quantity. The sound of the mop pads being dried is a refined whirring noise, which would possibly with out issues be brushed off.

When in exercise, the mop robot vacuum cleaner had a quantity of at the least 52 dB(A) when the exercise of the surroundings aloof and with out the mop characteristic. At stout suction vitality, the quantity rose to 75 dB(A). This may presumably presumably presumably effectively be barely an anxious noise level for some – but it absolutely must be illustrious that even customary vacuum cleaners own a median quantity of around 80 dB(A).

Situation suction vitality Quantity
Serene 52 to 60 dB(A) with out mop characteristic
56 to 60 dB(A) with mop characteristic
Traditional 58 to 62 dB(A)
Most 66 to 70 dB(A)
Most+ 72 to 75 dB(A)

In standby mode, the Yeedi Floor 3’s station handiest requires 1 watt to contend with a typical charge of the noxious. The vacuum cleaner wants around 16 watts to charge its battery. After heating up, the mop pads want around 20 watts to be dried. The drying time will most doubtless be residing to 2, 3 or 4 hours. With 14 days of everyday exercise with 2 hours of drying, the software has an vitality consumption of around 1.4 kWh. The Voltcraft SEM6000 modified into as soon as frail for these measurements. When in contrast: Traditional commercial vacuum cleaners exercise around 600-850 watts, which draw in 2-3 hours of exercise, they exercise the the same quantity of vitality.

The Yeedi Floor 3’s battery has a capability of around 75 Wh. This implies it is top to smooth secure runtimes of around 180 minutes. Searching on what settings you will own got picked, these instances will most doubtless be critically shorter. With the software residing on aloof and with the mop characteristic grew to alter into off, the above-acknowledged runtimes will most doubtless be finished. The settings maximum and maximum+ within the reduction of the runtimes critically. In our test, we measured a median cleansing shuffle of 1 square metre per minute. This implies the exercise of the no longer unique settings and with the mop characteristic grew to alter into on, the vacuum cleaner can quilt an residing of over 120 square metres in one fling. The suitable runtimes of the robot are exhausting to name in combined exercise, as the noxious is charged robotically each time it returns to its station to smooth its mop pads. Nonetheless, after 130 minutes the battery modified into as soon as so low that the Yeedi Floor 3 had to protect shut a longer spoil to charge. 

At some level of our 14-day test, the Yeedi Floor 3 Situation frail 1.4 kWh in total. The utilization of an vitality mark of $0.42/kWh, this vogue the annual price to trek the software involves around $16. Consumable items admire the aspect brushes, main brush and mop pads supposedly also good around a one year. In step with Yeedi, you may possibly presumably presumably presumably interact a pack of replacements for around $84. This implies the complete running prices of the Yeedi Floor 3 Situation draw to around $100 a one year. 


 +  5100 Pa suction vitality
 +  Swish have with a pleasant attain
  Self-cleansing station
 +  Sure app
+  Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri voice controls
 +  84 mm flat


 –  App with adverts 
 –  Would no longer exercise its flat blueprint to smooth below furnishings
 Self-cleansing station doesn’t own grime removal, even even when the connection on the software is there
 Yearly running prices of around $100

Yeedi Floor 3 Situation - equipped by Yeedi
Yeedi Floor 3 Situation – equipped by Yeedi

You absolutely can’t whinge relating to the Yeedi Floor 3 and the Yeedi Floor 3 Situation’s hardware. The vacuum cleaner and its station are built effectively, own a excessive-quality in actual fact feel and both devices were technically perfected. The Yeedi Floor 3 cleans totally with the again of its ToF camera – so long as it doesn’t own to smooth below furnishings.

The software is the dependable prone level of the software. Here, the producer must smooth in actual fact regulate about a aspects to lead certain of anxious any customers. Complications much like dried-out mop pads will most doubtless be with out issues sorted with a software replace. Additionally, there may be the missing automatic emptying of the grime tank. Pondering the attachment for here’s already do in on the software, we are in a position to handiest protect shut that a new and as much as date station will most doubtless be on provide soon.  

As an early user of the Yeedi Floor 3 Situation rapidly after its free up, you truly felt admire you were taking share in an Commence Beta Take a look at.  

Unnecessary to negate, every household is varied and the producer can’t idea for every single eventuality. From our ride with other Yeedi devices, we are in a position to handiest protect shut there’ll most doubtless be extra than one software updates for the Yeedi Floor 3 Situation. We were very tickled about Yeedi’s buyer toughen, who continuously replied to our emails rapid and answered the complete questions we had. 

The Yeedi Floor 3 Situation is no longer any longer yet available at main outlets admire Amazon within the US. When it does change into available, this can retail for around $842. 


The unique overview pattern modified into as soon as given to the author by the producer free of charge for the needs of overview. There modified into as soon as no third-occasion impression on this overview, nor did the producer salvage a duplicate of this overview earlier than publication. There modified into as soon as no obligation to publish this overview.

Marc Herter, 2023-03- 8 (Substitute: 2023-03- 8)

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